Building Plans


Our Vision

We are a team of founders who are recognised leaders in our respective segments within the overall built industry, armed with decades of experience in interior design, construction, supply of building materials and real estate management. Together, we are looking to disrupt the residential design-and-build market and resolve the problems we see in the lack of transparency in pricing and poor quality in both design and construction.  

Our mission is to deliver satisfaction to our customers by collaborating with carefully curated design partners and adding our innovations in supply chain with construction management to produce the best outcomes. As opposed to current practices, we will provide an honest open book quotes/account of subcontractor and supplier(s) pricing with only profit-and-attendance fee, a method that is already applied by top firms in the commercial environment but absent in the realm of individual residential projects. 

With our ethos, we aspire to become the new gold standard and transform the design-and-build space in Singapore and South-East Asia.

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An international architecture and interior design office based in Singapore, PI Architects is a multi-disciplinary design practice that never settles into a permanent repeating pattern, a definite symbol of the infinite nature of our creativity.



Founded in 2016, the Japanese interior design firm headquartered in Singapore has completed stylish client-driven projects for homes, office and F&B spaces locally, Malaysia and Taiwan.

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With an international team of designers and collaborators across Singapore, Philippines, Russia and Kazakhstan, Hot Design Folks strive to deliver high quality tailor-made designs for every project.   

Having worked on acclaimed design projects across Europe & Asia, 

founder Evgeniya Lazareva and team brings over 10 years of experience

in luxury and experiential